Vehicle Repairs

Matipo Garage provides full and comprehensive diagnosis  of problems, then the options are presented to our  customers before any work is being carried out.

We recommend regular maintenance services to ensure your car is safe, reliable and fuel efficient. Regular, timely maintenance can prevent minor issues becoming a pricey repair. However, with vehicle age and mileage traveled parts will wear out making repairs or replacements necessary.

Brakes Repair - When it comes to safety there is no compromise. We recommend having your brakes checked regularly, not only during a WOF check. If your brakes require repair we will machine discs or drums, if possible, or replace them, we will replace brake pads/shoes, lubricate caliper slides and replace brake fluid.

Cambelt - A broken cambelt can result in very expensive engine damage. Cambelts should be replaced in line with your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations. Following good practice guidelines we will also replace the water pump.


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